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Each year more and more people choose to climb Kilimanjaro with Private Expeditions. And when we ask them why they chose us, they nearly always say because of your great reviews.

So how do we consistently get great reviews?

The most important thing is that we run our own Kilimanjaro climbs to make sure you have an amazing experience. We do not sub-contract your safety and enjoyment to someone else. If you ask any of our competitors you will find this is pretty unique.

And because we specialise in high altitude trekking we really do know how to look after you safely on Kilimanjaro and give you the best chance of success.

Add in the fact that we have climbed all the routes on Mt Kilimanjaro ourselves and can provide you with first hand expert advice on planning your trip and you have the complete package.

Unlike the local Tanzanian operators we are ABTA bonded and fully insured so you also have no worries when you book with us.

And of course because we are an operator and you can book direct, with no middle-man, we are able to offer great value prices.

We hope you will give us the chance to help you climb Kilimanjaro safely!

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Our guide to the questions people ask when planning their Kilimanjaro climb

  • When people first enquire about routes to climb Kilimanjaro they nearly always say they would like a really quiet route with a great success rate. This is sort of the holy grail of route choosing. Sadly though the routes with high success rates are popular and quiet routes are invariably quiet because they have a low success rate. Trying to balance this out, our advice is to focus on the success rate: we can honestly say we have never had a client summit who has then complained the route was too busy whereas we have had clients choose one of the quieter routes then be very disappointed at not making it to the top.

    So taking this into account we strongly recommend clients take either the 7 day Machame Route or the 8 day Lemosho Routes. Both routes have fantastic views and a great range of scenery and critically they allow you great acclimatisation. This in turns means you have the best chance of summiting safely.

  • A bit like choosing the best route, deciding on when to climb Kilimanjaro a compromise. If it is certain to be dry and warm it is equally certain to be busy. Kilimanjaro is close to the equator so there is very little change in temperature during the year and compared to the change as you ascend it is insignificant. What really changes during the year is how much it rains. Mid November to mid December are traditionally the short rains and April and May are the long rains. The rest of the year is generally dry although this is not so clear as it used to be.

    Not surpisingly most people want to climb Kilimanjaro when it is going to be warm and dry but that of course means the drier months are very busy. We try to mitigate this by starting our group climbs away from the weekend when almost half of all climbers start. If you don't mind a bit of rain on your climb then the off-peak months will be very quiet and there are often many days that are still dry. And of course in the off-peak months, flight prices and our prices are lower.

  • The cost of climbing Kilmanjaro will depend on how many days you take on the mountain. We recommend you take 7 days at least as the success rate for 7 day climbs is almost 50% higher than shorter climbs. Prices for a 7 day climb start from £1399 and are a little more than this for private climbs.

    Flight prices vary quite a bit during the year and are now a lot more expensive if you do not book early. Typically though you should budget between £700 to £800 for a flight from Europe.

    The only other significant cost you will have on top of this is tips for your crew. We are a member of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Program and stick to their tip recommendations. This means for a normal 7 day climb tips will be about $200-$250 per person

  • The Kilimanjaro climb business developed historically with Western companies doing sales, marketing and administration but subcontracting the climb itself to a local operator. Having many years experience of high altitude trekking ourselves we felt this approach was not right for a high risk activity like climbing Kilimanjaro as you just can't manage sub-contractors 6000 miles away closely enough.

    In order to be able to offer our customers the safest and best possible experience with the highest chance of success we decided to set up our own operation to run our own climbs. This was quite hard work initially as it meant recruiting and training our own guides and cooks and buying all our own gear but we believe that our reviews demonstrate this was worthwhile.

  • We are a member of an organisation called the Kilimanjaro Porters Protection Association (KPAP) which is effectively a trade union for the porters. As members of KPAP we agree to comply with all their recommendations on porters wages and welfare and also allow a KPAP appointed representative porter to join every climb to check out what we do.

    In terms of supporting the local communities there are three key things that we do: first we pay all our employees the best rates of pay and that all goes back to local families. Second we only use local Tanzanians on all our climbs and thirdly for every climber who comes with us we make a donation to the Amani Childrens home. This is a great charity supporting orphans and we can arrange for you to visit Amani if this is of interest.

    Looking after Kilimanjaro is important to all of us at Private Expeditions and we operate to Leave no trace guidelines. That means every bit of trash is carried out from the park and disposed of properly.

  • Most importantly, however you choose to climb with us you will get the same great service and support to help you summit safely. The main differences between private and open climbs are these.

    On private climbs you can tailor make every aspect of your climb from when you start to exactly which route you choose. Our open climbs run on a set schedule of start dates and routes.

    Our open group climbs are restricted to 12 people: we find that mixing more than 12 people who don't know each other on one climb can cause problems. On private climbs you can have any group size you want.

    On our private climbs you can add in any one of a range of optional extras such as personal porters while these are not available on open climbs.
  • We are a fully bonded member of ABTA so all clients monies are protected by an insurance bond. As well as that we carry £:5m of public liability insurance. We have never had to claim on this but the risk assessments our insurers require each year really keep us on out toes!

Climb Kilimanjaro For The Ultimate Adventure

Climbing Kilimanjaro has long been a goal for mountaineers worldwide but it is only recently that more and more people have realised that with a little training and loads of determination they too can stand on the roof of Africa having conquered one of the world's great 7 summits. Here at Private Expeditions, we can help you achieve that goal and we'll be with you every step of the way from planning your trip all the way to the summit

To give our climbers' the best chance of summiting safely and having a really enjoyable climb we operate our own climbs with our own guides so we control every aspect of your trip. We don't just take bookings then sub-contract your safety and enjoyment to someone else. If you book with us you climb with us.The real benefit for you is that you have a much better chance to climb Kilimanjaro safely and successfully.

Planning a Kilimanjaro climb may seem daunting with lots of conflicting advice available but our advisers have climbed Kilimanjaro themselves and are able to provide you with first hand advice on all aspects of planning a climb. We've also got loads of important information available on our site, including advice on the best route to climb Kilimanjaro, advice Kilimanjaro training and plenty more.

Three styles of expedition
We offer three options to climb Kilimanjaro: open groups,private climbs and Kilimanjaro challenges for charity. Whichever you choose our prices are inclusive of everything you might want, except items of a personal nature, tips and flights. No hidden extras.

Private climbs
Private climbs are your own personal tailor-made adventure.Your choice of dates, route and options, your own dedicated team and as a result the highest success rate. Perfect for a group of friends or a charity group who want to climb Kilimanjaro. You can upgrade to a private climb from as little as £100 per person depending on the size of the group.

Open group climbs
Our open groups are great for those who want the company of others while they climb Kilimanjaro. Our group climbs start every Monday (June- October, December - March). They are limited to a maximum of 12 and are guaranteed to run with a minimum of 2 people. Particularly popular are our open full moon climbswhich run every month.

Charity climbs
Kilimanjaro challenges are our approach to climbing Kilimanjaro for charity. We do not offer the complicated sponsor funded climbs, just great value, tailor-made challenges so that more of the money you raise goes to charity

So whether you want to climb Kilimanjaro for charity, as part of a group, or for a specific celebration such as a birthday or wedding anniversary, we can help you get it all organised.

We also have information about the various different things you can do after climbing Kilimanjaro. A Kilimanjaro climb is pretty exhausting, so you might just want to head home and recuperate, but whilst you're there you may want to take advantage of some of the other amazing experiences Tanzania has to offer, such as seeing the Big Five on safari or relaxing on Zanzibar's idyllic sandy beaches

Whatever you decide to do, we would love to be able to help you climb Kilimanjaro safely. Contact us today.

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