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National safari parks near Kilimanjaro

northern tanzanialWithin easy reach of Kilimanjaro there are five fabulous safari parks which make up what is called the Northern Circuit. Each is distinctly different but all are wonderful. Take your pick or why not try to visit them all while you are in Tanzania.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area Highlights

  • Ngorongoro HighlightsMaasai herdsmen grazing cattle alongside predators
  • Very easy sightings of the Big Five
  • Lerai Forest is the best place for leopard sightings
  • Views from the Crater rim are breathtaking
  • Luxurious lodges on the rim with wonderful views 

Serengeti National Park Highlights

  • Serengeti National Park HighlightsUnforgettable hot air balloon safaris over the vast Serengeti plains
  • Incredible spectacle of the wildebeest migration
  • Olduvai Gorge - Cradle of Humanity
  • Fantastic bird watching

Lake Manyara National Park Highlights

  • Lake Manyara National Park HighlightsMarvel at the tree-climbing lions
  • Large flocks of flamingo on Lake Manyara
  • Family herds of elephant
  • Stunning mahogany, fig, acacia tree vegetation
  • Great bird watching destination

Tarangire National Park Highlights

  • Tarangire National Park HighlightsHighest density of elephants in Tanzania
  • Particularly spectacular in the dry season
  • Large herds of zebra
  • Home to Kori bustard, the heaviest flying bird

Arusha National Park Highlights

  • Arusha National Park HighlightsClosest National Park to Kilimanjaro
  • Acrobatic black and white colobus monkeys
  • Large flocks of flamingo