Adventures One Step Beyond

Private Expeditions specialises in creating fantastic high altitude trekking adventures. We are experts in climbing Kilimanjaro, trekking in Nepal and Machu Picchu treks and can help you create a trekking adventure that  goes One Step Beyond your dreams.

We understand that what makes an adventure challenging is different for every one of us. But whatever a challenge means to you, and whether you are seven or seventy, we would love to help you create that perfect adventure that takes you to your limits and a little bit more. We are experts in trek destination management and our local knowledge and expertise really make a difference.

Of course, no adventure however exciting should mean compromising your safety and you can be confident you are in safe hands with Private Expeditions. We are experts in all the areas in which we operate and know how to ensure you enjoy your adventure safely using the best guides, the best gear and the best operating procedures.

And regardless of whether your adventure would take you to climb Kilimanjaro, hike to Everest base camp, trek to Machu Picchu or go on safari to witness the spectacular wildebeest migration, our team will always go One Step Beyond to ensure you have the adventure of a lifetime.

Contact us now to start planning the adventure of a lifetime.